Animator, storyteller and visionary Amara Gantz thrives on bringing concepts to life through 2D hand-drawn animation. Specialising in Adobe Creative Suite (Animate CC, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects) she is the director, editor and animator of Shrimp Soup, which won Overall Best Film, in the Mystate Film Festival 2017 and creator of Miyuki, which won Best Animation in 2016. Both Films were nominated for a total of 11 awards. Gantz co-wrote and starred in the short film, Fish Out Of Water and received the Most Engaging Talent award in the Mystate Film Festival 2015. Gantz has continuously produced content for several YouTube channels of her own creation, including videos that went viral reaching millions of views. Currently, Gantz is in prolific motion engaged with both personal projects and collaborating with local film makers to develop and illustrate inspiring fables.

TAP projects: Larnie Leaf-Fingers

Additional resources: Amara Gantz YouTube | Shrimp Soup | Miyuki