Optics Project

CalAid is a grassroots charity, providing eye tests and glasses to refugees and displaced people in Greece. Previously the largest provider of non-food items in the Epirus region, CalAid are very excited to be focusing their efforts on the Optics Project, after a year providing this vital service in Northern Greece.

Teachers in the school constructed by CalAid observed that many children were not learning because they couldn’t see. After making enquiries with other charities, it became apparent that there was nobody else to provide this essential, but often costly, service of eye tests and glasses – so CalAid decided to step up.

Since then, hundreds of children have been tested and given glasses ahead of going to school. CalAid has also tested nearly 100 adults, from dads about to relocate with their families, to new mums now able to see their baby scans, and teenagers safely riding their bikes.

© 2017 | CalAid
Directed by Jared Abdul Rahman
Produced by The Amadis Project
Filmed in Ioannina, Epirus, Greece

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